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3 Year Warranty
Low Maintenance
Easy to Install

DCL’s patent-pending Autohatch™ is designed to be mounted on dry bulk tanker trailers with standard 20” diameter hatch openings for both new and retrofit applications; no interference with customer’s existing loading spouts.

PLC Controls for Autohatch

An exterior mounted PLC panel controls the opening and closing of the hatch via an electric hydraulic power unit eliminating the need for drivers to climb on top of tanker trailers, increasing driver safety.  The easy to install Autohatch™ comes with an adapter ring to mount to your round hatch reusing the existing hatch ears. Each Autohatch™ comes with a 3-year warranty against the manufacturer’s defects.

Installing Autohatch on a tanker truck
2 trucks loading loading dry bulk goods with Autohatch
Autohatch AH200 logo
  • No conflict with loading spouts
  • Switch operated
  • Increased safety by eliminating drivers on top of trucks
  • Cost-effective
  • Manual override

Customer Reviews

“The time that it takes to load, is just phenomenal. Just pull under and load and go. Loading doubles and putting 56 ton on, 20 minutes. I set my 30 minute break, and I wound up having to wait 10 minutes.”

Keith B.

“I am very happy with the performance of the hatch. It has been working flawlessly for me. Anytime I can avoid getting up on top the tanker, it’s a huge bonus for me.”

Tim H.

“The time that is taken to open and close your lids, accessed from either a ramp or fall protection… with an automatic lid, you can open your lid and close it and you’re on your way. Over time you’ll save a lot of time. Time is money. It just makes good sense to not go up there if you don’t have to go up there.”

Keith B.

Autohatch™ mounted to a tanker truck
hatch open on top of a truck
man mounting Autohatch™

Customer Requirements

  • 20” diameter hatch opening.
  • 12v DC / 18 AMP power from tractor or purchase optional Aux Power Supply For HAH200.
  • Ability to T airline into trailer air supply with provided air supply lines.
  • Location of control box by customer.
  • SAE J5606 2-pole connector by customer, 10’ 12 AWG SOOW whip from control box provided.

Model AH200

  • Base and lid are cast 356 T6 aluminum with paint finish or unfinished. Pneumatically operated 2” wide cam over center latching system with inflatable bladder that seals to the I.D. of the base. Weather covers are 1/8” thick ABS UV protected plastic.

Items Provided

  • Powered Autohatch AH200 with integral adaptor ring and necessary mounting hardware.
  • Remote mounted control box; including control wiring harness and air supply line between Autohatch™ and control box. Three variable-length wiring harness options are offered. Customers choose the length based on the mounting location of the control box. Harness lengths cannot be modified, but come in standard lengths of 15 ft., 25 ft, and 37 ft. 12 AWG SOOW whip from control box to SAE J5606 2-pole connector by customer to be field fitted.

Control Panel

  • UL-rated fiberglass control enclosure (CSA corrosion rated) containing a programmable logic controller (PLC) programed to open, close, and seal Autohatch™ when signaled by door mounted toggle switches. Harness cables have DuraMate™ AHDP environmentally sealed multi-pin connectors Rated IP69k. (1) control panel required per Autohatch™.


  • 170 lbs. (including the control panel and wiring harness.)

Power Unit

  • Electric Hydraulic Power Unit, 12v DC / 13-18 AMP, includes standard manual override feature.
  • Operating time of 13.5 seconds.