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Autohatch™ AH200 by DCL

The Autohatch™ AH200 by DCL is a dry bulk tanker hatch that opens with the flip of a switch from ground level. This prevents the operator from having to climb up the dry bulk tanker or from using fall protection to access the top of the tanker to open the hatch. The Autohatch™ AH200 allows a safer way to load and saves time as well. The robust Autohatch™ design seals to the inside diameter of the hatch creating a positive seal to safely unload your product with no leaks.

Autohatch™ Installation

“The time that it takes to load, is just phenomenal. Just pull under and load and go. Loading doubles and putting 56 ton on, 20 minutes. I set my 30 minute break, and I wound up having to wait 10 minutes.”

Keith B.

“I am very happy with the performance of the hatch. It has been working flawlessly for me. Anytime I can avoid getting up on top the tanker, it’s a huge bonus for me.”

Tim H.

“The time that is taken to open and close your lids, accessed from either a ramp or fall protection… with an automatic lid, you can open your lid and close it and you’re on your way. Over time you’ll save a lot of time. Time is money. It just makes good sense to not go up there if you don’t have to go up there.”

Keith B.

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